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I already posted this issue via the ITS webinterface, but I had some problems 
with my browser. Although the issue seems to be stored (actually twice, 
sorry), I did not see it on the ITS maillinglist.

I am currently investigating this issue further and I hope to get back to you 
soon with more details.

Here it is:

I did some modify and add benchmark testing (see below for testenvironment
details) with OpenLDAP 2.1.21 on Linux with the bdb backend. When using 1 or 2
client connections I achieve reasonable modify speed, given my 
testenvironment, on an indexed attribute (about 45 modify/sec). When I use 3 
or more client connections, the modify speed drops dramatically to about 1 
modify/sec or even lower and I see that the slapd takes about 100% CPU time. 
The same behaviour is seen when doing adds with multiple client connections. 
When using strace on Linux I can see that loads of sched_yield() systemcalls 
are being done. The sched_yield() systemcall asks the scheduler to schedule 
another process/thread.
Within OpenLDAP this system call is done from ldap_pvt_thread_yield() in
libraries/libldap_r/thr_posix.c. When I change this function such that it does 
a usleep for 100 usec and then returns, OpenLDAP does not show the behaviour 
as described above and achieves good modify performance with up to 20 clients 
using considerably less CPU time. I am certainly not saying that the change I 
made is a suitable solution, but at least it shows that the problem is 
somehow related to ldap_pvt_thread_yield()
I've tested the original OpenLDAP 2.1.21 on HP Tru64 4.0F and SUN Solaris 2.8 
as well, and the modify/add performance problem dit not show up on those OSes
allthough the slapd uses about 100% CPU time just as under Linux.

Below some details of my testenvironment:

Compaq Evo P4@1.7GHz, 256 MB Ram, IDE harddisk, RedHat Linux 7.3
(hardly a suitable LDAP server, I know :-)
Compaq DS10 Alpha@466MHz, 512MB Ram, SCSI harddisk, Tru64 4.0F
SUN Netra X1 SparcII@400MHz, 256MB Ram, IDE harddisk, Solaris 2.8

bdb part slapd.conf:
database        bdb
suffix          ""
rootdn          "cn=Directory Manager"
# rootdn password (cleartext!)
rootpw          (************)
directory       /usr/ldap/var/openldap-data
index           objectclass,uid,url,tag,aliasname,tetraipaddr,cdpdipaddr
checkpoint      5120 5
cachesize       100

set_cachesize 0 5242880 1
set_lg_dir /usr/ldap/var/openldap-data
#Just use this setting when doing slapadd...
#set_flags DB_TXN_NOSYNC

I've also tested with cachesize 0 and 100MB, but is does not have any effect 
on the problem described above.

Best Regards,

Erik de Groot