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Problem in back-perl - modify array and deletes. (ITS#2612)

Full_Name: Alister Winfield
Version: 2.1.21
URL: ftp://ftp.ticklers.org/devel/openldap/back-perl-modify.c-030625.diff
Submission from: (NULL) (

When using back-perl sending a change such as

dn: cn=blah, o=test
changetype: modify
delete: comment
replace: xxx
xxx: something else.

Results in the perl script getting an array containing 
("DELETE", "comment", "REPLACE", "xxx", "something else")

This appears wrong I would have expected to get something like
("DELETE", "comment", undef, "REPLACE", "xxx", "something else")

Just looked in CVS and it appears to be true of HEAD as well so I 
wrote a fix for it and uploaded a patch. Not knowing much about
perl extensions I might have got this slightly wrong but it appears
to have the desired effect.