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External authenticaition : certificate dn mismatch (ITS#2602)

Full_Name: Alexandre Tsu
Version: 2.1.16
OS: win2000
Submission from: (NULL) (

I built both CA certificate and user certificate. the subject contains some
foreign language characters , but built in with utf8 encoding.  I configure
openldap to use external authentiction. openldap try to get dn from certificate
in connection.c "rc = dnX509peerNormalize( ssl, &authid );", I follow the
result, authid is encoded with hexdigital. for example,
"cn=user,ou=users,o=\E6\A3..." . the user I store in database is utf8 encoded
value. codes in group.c 
if( value_find_ex( group_at,
		attr->a_vals, op_ndn ) != LDAP_SUCCESS )
try to find a match , but fails because stored information doesn't contain a dn
with hexdigital encoded. then ahthencitaion fails.