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RE: wrong order of entries in replog file (ITS#2512)

Suspend state means that we're waiting for someone, anyone, to
produce a suitable patch fixing the problem.

This and a number of slurpd reports are in the Historic bin as
there seems to be more interest in the community resolve these
problems by replacing slurpd with syncrepl than to actually fix
all of slurpd's problems.  I guess I could have just as well
placed them in the Software Bugs bin, but that likely wouldn't
change your situation... the bug would be still be in a suspended.

As far as syncrepl goes, it's targeted for release in 2.2
(which is presently in alpha release).

At 12:33 AM 6/13/2003, extern.hendrik.harms@volkswagen.de wrote:
>The bug state switched over to "suspended, historical".
>Have I to wait for a stable 2.2.x Release or is it possible that syncrepl.c
>be include in one of the next 2.1.x Releases?
>Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Harms
>Volkswagen AG