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ld_errno can no longer be determined -- ldap_perror is not appropriate (ITS#2584)

Full_Name: Karl Lehenbauer
Version: 2.1.x (current)
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The LDAP structure has been made opaque.  That's fine and I understand the
reasoning.  It has opened up a couple of problems.  There is no way to get the
ldap error code when you get an error where there is not a result.

FOR EXAMPLE -- Call ldap_abandon and get a -1 result.  You used to be able to
access ldap->ld_errno to find out the error number.  ldap_perror (which is
deprecated) can do this, but it access the internal ldap include file, not the
exported one.

I am trying to freshen and significantly upgrade the ldaptcl library to the
latest stuff.

There needs to be a way to fetch the error number out of the ldap structure when
a result was not returned.  Perhaps there should be a new call, like

Also the ldap_open manpage still shows all sorts of fields that can supposedly
be accessed in the ldap structure, but they can't -- this stuff should be

Finally, the ldap_initialize call is not documented in the manual pages.  Most
of the _ext functions are not documented, either.