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RE: SASL/ldapsearch killeth slapd (ITS#2530)

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> Im sure it could be a configuration/environmental problem but it still
> seems like it should be hardy enough to not crash slapd
> because the auth
> method failed or was invalid. I could see it returning a fail
> if something
> went wrong with the sasl piece loading the library.  I don't see why
> it would bring down the whole slapd process.
> It wouldnt take much to break the ldap server if that was the
> case. A way
> to run ldapsearch, a way to move one of the libraries, change
> a config, or
> one of the libs gets corrupt, and the whole server is toast??
> I mean if it
> was running but couldnt auth, you still have the public-read
> only stuff
> available.

If it's a corrupt binary, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Why don't
you get a stack trace, so we can see what is actually crashing?