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RE: long time search for non-existent attributs (ITS#2506)

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> From: Harms, Hendrik (TOJAQ)
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> ITS#2506:
> It would be nice to see something like (vwuuid=undefined) instead of
> (?=undefined)
> in the logfile. But that's an enhancement.

Yes, this would be nice. Perhaps you can file a separate ITS requesting this.

> Hendrik Harms
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> > From:	extern.hendrik.harms@volkswagen.de
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> > ITS#2506:
> > I've added the fix to my openldap-2.1.19 and it works.

Great, thanks for the confirmation.

> > ITS#2507:
> > it works also, but it is not very fast. CPU-load and
> io-wait are very
> > high during the seach, but the ldap gets a result and survives.

Yes, it will be very heavy load. As was pointed out on the -software list,
substring indexing requires at least two characters to work. When only one
character is provided in the search filter, the indexes are no use, so the
search must check every entry within the search scope.

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