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include/ac/localize.h breaks back-perl (ITS#2513)

Full_Name: Hallvard B. Furuseth
Version: HEAD
OS: Solaris
Submission from: (NULL) (

include/ac/localize.h breaks back-perl:

- The definition
    #	define setlocale(c,l)		/* empty */
  breaks the declaration of setlocale() in <locale.h>.

  Fix: To conditionally define setlocale, #define something
  like ldap_pvt_setlocale() instead, and call that instead
  of setlocale in clients/tools/common.c.

- ac/localize.h #defines the macro `_', which Perl uses for

  The simplest fix is to move
    #include <ac/localize.h>
  out of portable.h and into the files that need it, and if
  it is later used in back-perl, to put it after the Perl
  #include files with `#undef _' in front of it.

  If that's unacceptable, another fix *at the moment* is to put
  `#undef _' after `#include "portable.h"' in back-perl/*.c.  I
  expect that's insufficient in the long run since back-perl
  then can't be localized properly.

  One fix which apparently would not work is to move
    #include "asperl_undefs.h"
    #include <EXTERN.h>
    #include <perl.h>
  in front of the other #include files, followed by `#undef _'.
  The problem with this is that asperl_undefs.h does an #ifdef on
  HAVE_WIN32_ASPERL, which it claims is #defined in portable.h.
  However, I can't find it in portable.h or any other file.  Are
  this symbol and asperl_undefs.h obsolete, or has the support
  for them been lost and should be reinstated?