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Re: back-meta does not compile (ITS#2483)

> Kurt Zeilenga writes:
>> I think Jong committed fixes, please test.
> Well, it compiles.  I have never tried to run back-meta though,
> and I have no time now to figure out how.

Let me clarify:
- back-meta itself always compiled and worked fine
(at least as far as my usual usage can tell)
- LDAP_CACHING did not work since the new backend API
was committed; disabling it in slap.h, as Jongchoi
recently did in HEAD, made the trick
- I recently (blindly) updated the caching code to
the new backend API; I could not test it thoroughly,
so I could have missed something.

As far as I can tell, the LDAP_CACHING code suffers
from an unnecessary overimplementation, since I don't
see the need to split caches on different local
databases.  I think caching should have been kept
as separate as possible from the actual storage,
using callbacks to invoke the more appropriate
storage.  In fact, now caching relies on back-ldbm,
while an upgrade to back-bdb would be better, since
we might decide to get rid of back-ldbm at some point.
We may also decide to get rid of back-meta itself,
to glue together multiple instances of back-ldap.

I think we should move the caching code, which is
itself a nice piece of software, into a separate layer,
and make it call arbitrary storages at well defined
entry points.


Pierangelo Masarati