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RE: SASL regex lookups not mutex protected (ITS#2505)

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> Full_Name: Simon Wilkinson
> Version: 2.1.17 (but verified in CVS)
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> The saslauthz.c file uses a static data structure to store
> the compilations
> of regular expressions (the SaslRegexp array, and the
> nSaslRegexp int).
> These variables are not protected from simulatenous access by
> multiple threads.

> Symptoms include corruption of regular expression results,
> due to the offset
> array being changed mid computation, and segmentation faults
> due to array
> overruns.

Thanks. Most of the elements of the SaslRegexp array are read-only at
runtime. The sr_strings field is not. Moving sr_strings into a local variable
should be sufficient to fix this problem. I am committing this change to CVS
HEAD, please test.

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