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Re: slapd crashes with incomplete sasl config (ITS#2492)

Hi again
I also found an excepert of the debug output of slapd (running slapd -d77):

daemon: activity on 1 descriptors
daemon: new connection on 7
ldap_pvt_gethostbyname_a: host=rosetta, r=0
sasl_server_new failed: -7
daemon: added 7r
daemon: activity on:
daemon: select: listen=6 active_threads=0 tvp=NULL
daemon: activity on 1 descriptors
daemon: activity on: 7r
daemon: read activity on 7
slapd: connection.c:224: connection_get: Assertion `c->c_struct_state != 
0x00' failed.

Howard Chu wrote:

>It would help to see the slapd.conf that produced this problem, as well as any
>error messages produced by slapd before it quit.

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