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Re: Bug in JLDAP RfcFilter.java

Please report bugs using the Issue Tracking System.  This
list is for discussing potential bugs and discussing reported
bugs (via ITS forwarding).


At 11:14 AM 5/8/2003, Wood, Will wrote:
>There's a bug in RfcFilter.java that prohibits an escaped search filter from
>being properly
>addressed.  This is in the latest CVS drop.
>in unescapeString, a variable temp is being declared and initialized for
>each escaped hex digit, therefore the high order bits are always being
>chucked.  Solution move the
>declaration outside of the for loop and re-initialize when the escape
>character is hit.
>>       char temp = 0;
><                     char temp = 0;  // get the value of the excaped
>>             temp = 0;                        // wipe out any old bits.