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RE: Numerical result out of range (ITS#2465)

Quoting cecile.leyman@gfi.be:

> I will reinstall the whole on a healthy system in order to see whether the
> error
> reproduces.
> I send the results to you as soon as the tests are finished.
> Still thank you for your support.

On a healthy system, all works perfectly (without update of io.c from cvs
repository) with the same configuration. I just changed the permissions on
/var/qmail/maildirs (750 to 770) and changed userPassword attribute to {MD5}.

It is not that cause of error because I restored my initial configuration and
that continued to work correctly. It only cannot verify the password. I tried to
repoduce the error but I did not arrive there.

The problem comes not from Qmail or Courier-Imap because I had the same error
with both.

It is possible that the problem "comes from" BDB ?
On the initial system, I had left db4 (required by other applications under
RedHat 8.0)and removed db4-devel (I had compiled OpenLDAP with an export of
CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS and the tests was OK).
This WE, I removed BDB4.0, linked my BDB libs to /lib and also linked
libdb-4.1.so to /lib/libdb-4.0.so.
On the second system, I completely removed db4 (db4 and db4-devel) before
install BDB-4.1.25 and OpenLDAP.

Now, i have 2 qmail-ldap/imap servers which work perfectly... :)

Thanks a lot for your help and explanations.
You make an absolutely brilliant job.



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