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Re: slurpd fails to start when directories resynced (ITS#2457)

> Which build environment did you use to compile OpenLDAP? MSVC, MinGW,
Cygwin? I
> use MinGW, and do not have this problem.

I compiled under VC++.  In order to do this I had to include slurpd in the
'main' workspace and mod slurp.h to get some unix (posix?) specific calls to
operate. It is possible the mods cause the problem as the MS versions of the
calls are slightly different

As far as I can make out, slurpd has never compiled successfully under
VC++ - based on the 2.1.16 release.  I can affirm that it works when modded
and has no problems so far except for the reported problem.

as follows :

/* slurp.h - Standalone Ldap Update Replication Daemon (slurpd) */

#ifndef _SLURPD_H_
#define _SLURPD_H_

/* Mods to allow slurpd to compile under VC++ */

#ifdef WIN32
#include <io.h>
#include <direct.h>
#define F_OK 0
#define W_OK 2
#define R_OK 4
#define access(A,B) _access(A,B)
#define open(A,B,C) _open(A,B,C)
#define mkdir(A,B) _mkdir(A)

/* End mods to allow slurpd to compile under VC++ */