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CorporateTime search filter failing (ITS#2451)

Full_Name: Paul D Engle
Version: 2.1.17
OS: Solaris 8
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The CorporateTime calendar software comes with a compiled binary to execute
an LDAP search for any organizationalPerson entries that do not also have
a calendar id. This search (given below) is failing to return any matches.

Search string being attempted:

If I manually execute this search, I also get no results.
However, if I swap the two portions of the outer AND, I get the expected
entries. Also, after searching through the ITS archives and seeing incidents
1969 and 1977, I tried disabling the equality index for objectClass. After
that, the original search returned the expected results. This is a fine
workaround for the time being, since we're still in the testing phase, and
our database only has a handful of entries in it. Obviously, we'd want to
enable objectClass indexing for a production system, though.

If necessary, I can provide both an ldif of a minimal directory and the
schema for CorporateTime attributes that I'm using.