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RE: Unmunge init_module names (ITS#2440)

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> Please unmunge the init_module() function names in the back-*
> modules.  They're
> not necessary and force users to use .la files, which cause
> breakage in other
> ways.  The only time the name munging like that is necessary
> is if you're using
> ltdl's dlpreopen for static stuff, which I wouldn't recommend
> and don't know of
> anyone who actually does use that.  I'd be happy to supply a
> patch if you'd
> like, I've already made the change and removed the .la files
> here and everything
> is working fine so far.

We actually supported the dlpreopen stuff originally, although that support
has been gone for quite a while. This sounds like a reasonable thing to do
but we should validate it on some other platforms (e.g. AIX, HPUX) before
going ahead with it. I don't have time to address this at the moment.

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