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RE: Feature request: aliasing (ITS#2432)

This functionality can be achieved in OpenLDAP 2.1 using back-ldap or
back-meta with attribute mapping. In OpenLDAP 2.2 the mapping facility will
be provided as a plugin that can be attached to any backend, but currently it
is only provided for those two backends.

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> Full_Name: Quanah Gibson-Mount
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> Hello,
> We have found it would be extremely useful for aliasing to be
> supported in LDAP.
>  It is obviously too late for this in 2.1, but perhaps 2.2?
> We envision something like being able to make an Auxiliary
> objectclass with
> attribute "foo".  "foo" could be aliased to another attribute
> (say suMailDrop).
> Anyone searching on "foo" would get back the value for
> "suMaildrop" but with the
> attribute name being "foo".  This would allow us to make transparent
> upgrades/schema changes.
> Thanks,
> Quanah