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an implementation to internationalize ldap tools by gettext (ITS#2410)

Full_Name: Masato Taruishi
Version: CVS HEAD
OS: Debian GNU/Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/Masato-Taruishi-030330.patch.gz
Submission from: (NULL) (

This patch enables OpenLDAP client tools to display messages in their national
with gettext(3). It includes Japanese EUC-JP po file. Basically, this patch

  * po/
     message catalogue
       - ja.po

  * client/tools/*.c
     marks for message translation.

  * client/tools/common.
     marks for message translation.
     new function tool_intl_init();

  * include/ldap_intl.h
     internal common header file for gettext

  * include/ldap_features.h.in
     adds #undef ENABLE_NLS

  * include/ldap_config.h.in
  * include/Makefile.in
     adds a hack for LDAP_LOCALEDIR

  * build/{install-sh,mkinstalldirs}
     needed for po/Makefile

  * configure.in
  * aclocal.m4
     AM_GNU_GETTEXT and so on.

     i invoked aclocal (1.4) to locate AM_GNU_GETTEXT into aclocal.m4.


  * marks slapd, slurpd, and libldap message, too.
     - Currently, this patch uses only one domain 'OpenLDAP'. Therefore,
       /usr/share/locale/ja/OpenLDAP.mo is located now. Maybe, several domains
       may be needed for client tools, libldap and server daemons.

Best regards