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slapadd aborts when free memory (ITS#2409)

Full_Name: Alexandre Tsu
Version: 2.1.16
OS: win2000server
Submission from: (NULL) (

I rebuild all suite 2.1.16, but when using slapadd.exe, whenever sucessfully or
failed, applicaton reports "memory address is not for reading." and aborts. I
trace the process, and finally, I found in oidm.c file, at a " oidm_destroy() "
function , when processing "ldap_charray_free(om->som_names)", error occurs.
actually it's "om->som_names" has problem. Is it the chain item points to a
inaccessible address? I follow a NULL check,and I found variable "om" is not
NULL. perhaps "om=LDAP_SLIST_FIRST( &om_list )" has some error, or a
OidMacroList om_list is bad organized ?

wish to get more resolved informations ,thank you very much .