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RE: Uniqueness of attributes (ITS#2398)

As OpenLDAP now supports Netscape plugins, I believe the solution already
exists - move your iPlanet plugin to OpenLDAP.

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> Full_Name: Frank Hein
> Version: 2.1.16
> OS: Linux 7.3
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> I want to request for an option in openLDAP to support
> Uniqueness of attributes
> .
> This has been requested a couple of times in the
> maillinglists and I think it is
> a must when you migrate from i.e. iPlanet to openLDAP.
> iPlanet does support this
> with a plugin and it is not always possible to change the
> applications that
> should check the Uniqueness of attributes in the new situation.
> This option should be used to ensure that the attributes you
> specify always have
> unique values in the directory.
> Kind regards,
> Frank Hein