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RE: slurpd core dump on exit (ITS#2363)

As the patch has tested OK it will probably be in release 2.1.17.

re: BDB version, the comment is out of date. The code requires BDB 4.1 due to
a number of bugs in 4.0 that are fixed in 4.1.

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> Howard Chu,
> 	My initial tests demonstrate that the core dump no
> longer occurs on
> shutdown.
> 	Thanks.
> 	When will these changes make their way into an
> "official" release?
> 	Also, during testing of the HEAD I found a problem in
> the configure
> script relating to Berkley DB version tests.
> 	On line 19210 a comment reads "Requires 4.0 or later"
> but the test
> that follows has a preprocessor condition of:
> 	The DB_VERSION_MINOR test should actually be ">=0".
> 	Thanks again.
> Benjamin Harristhal