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RE: OpenLDAP, Heimdal, kpasswd crash (ITS#2386)

This is a bug in Heimdal, the Heimdal library is dereferencing a NULL pointer
because it didn't first check to see if the pointer was valid. I suggest you
report this bug to the Heimdal maintainers.

Use of this Kerberos passwd feature is discouraged; your clients should use
SASL/GSSAPI instead. Using the Kerberos password in this manner exposes it on
the network, which completely violates the Kerberos security model. No one
should ever use this feature.

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> Full_Name: Iain Moffat
> Version: 2.1.15
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> Submission from: (NULL) (
> The following is a core generated when a user attempts to
> bind, but has a
> password that is expired in kerberos.  This is using OpenLDAP
> 2.1.15, and the
> latest Heimdal from CVS.  Please do not hesitate to contact
> me if you need more
> information.  Thanks!
> -Iain