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Re: slapcat doesn't support subtree dump (ITS#2376)

At 04:35 PM 3/14/2003, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>At the time he posted the location of his patch, he asked specifically if 
>this should be committed in, and never received a reply, which is probably 
>why it hasn't been done.

This is one of the reasons why we ask contributors to use the
Issue Tracking System.  (And we ask committers, such as Hallvard,
to use the devel and/or committers list to coordinate activities.)

No one should expect any particular person to read their software
list posts.  I read about half of the posts.


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>[Committers, should I commit this patch to CVS?]
>Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
>> Is it possible to export a subtree to an ldif file using slapcat?
>No, but it was easy to implement.  Here is a patch:
>   http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/slapcat-s.txt
>Description, from the slapcat(8) manpage:
>     -s subtree-dn
>          Only dump entries in the subtree specified by this  DN.
>          Implies `-b subtree-dn' if no -b or -n option is given.
>--On Friday, March 14, 2003 4:15 PM -0800 "Kurt D. Zeilenga" 
><Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
>> At 03:31 PM 3/14/2003, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>>> Full_Name: Quanah Gibson-Mount
>>> Version: 2.1.16
>>> OS: Solaris 8
>>> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>>> OpenLDAP still hasn't imported the trivial patch to slapcat to allow you
>>> to dump subtree's.  This is an extremely useful feature.  I'm creating
>>> an ITS on this so it can get tracked.  I have the patch files if needed.
>> As the author has not submitted the patch for consideration
>> for inclusion in OpenLDAP Software, we assume the author
>> does not want it to be considered.
>> As this assumption may be false, I'll drop a quick note to
>> the author and asking him to submit it if he wishes it to be
>> considered.  If he does, we'll use his ITS to track it.
>> If he doesn't, there is nothing to track.  Hence, this ITS
>> will be closed.
>> Kurt
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