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RE: Idletimeout value broken (ITS#2374)

--On Thursday, March 13, 2003 5:08 PM -0800 Howard Chu 
<hyc@highlandsun.com> wrote:

> My tests shows that the idletimeout works, though it may not work as you
> expect. When there is no network activity at all, no checks of any kind
> are performed. The idletimeout check is only performed when the service
> loop that reads the descriptors has been wakened up by any activity. As
> such, if your long idle connection is the only connection to slapd, it
> will stay open forever. If you come in with another connection (search,
> whatever) while the idle connection is open, it will be detected and
> closed. You can verify this behavior using netstat.


I see, you are correct, that is what it is doing in this case. :)  It just 
looks odd in the logs, because there can be multiple connections after the 
last operation of a connection in question, but they are all occurring 
before the 30 second timeout.  Then the next connection after that timeout 
expires closes them, which is doing exactly what you said.  In Netscape, 
the client would be closed at the end of its idletimeout period. ;)


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