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RE: [Enhancements] restore dbcachesize with the backend bdb (ITS#2372)

As with your previous post ITS#2371, the preferred mechanism for configuring
this option is via the BDB DB_CONFIG file. It is important to use the
DB_CONFIG file mechanism instead of mechanisms internal to slapd, to insure
that other standalone tools (such as BDB's db_stat, db_dump, etc.) use the
identical configuration that slapd uses. Otherwise it is possible for the
different programs to get into a situation where the actual database
environment is different from what is expected, which will require running
db_recover to straighten out the mess.

For this reason, I am rejecting this patch.

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> When using db_stat -m to see if my db cache size is correct
> i've only 70% hits.
> My first patch have hardcoded value, so i've use the same
> code from the backend
> ldbm to set the cachesize. Please change the default value,
> this is 2Mbytes by
> default.