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RE: Windows build works only as read-only (ITS#2349)

This is not an OpenLDAP bug. Schema checking has been made stricter in the
recent versions. The server has detected an error in your LDIF that previous
versions ignored. Whatever attribute appears as the left-most RDN of your DN
must be present in the body of the entry. Add the proper cn attribute to your
LDIF and it'll be accepted.

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> Hi Howard,
> I'm not sure what you mean by an LDIF of the change since we are =
> attempting the change via another app via JavaMail.  However, I've =
> attached the log.
> The error seems to be:
> send_ldap_result: err=3D16 matched=3D"" text=3D"value of naming =
> attribute 'cn' is not present in entry"
> I have also attached an LDIF (and the schema we use) that we
> use to init =
> the db.  slapadd also complains with the same error (about
> the missing =
> cn). =20
> However, under 2.1.10 both of these tests work.
> Thanks,
> Tracy