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RE: Index corruption and crash in back-ldbm (ITS#2348)

Thanks, your bug analysis is very helpful. The actual main bug in the 2.1
code is that k2 was cont_alloc'd twice, and should not have been. The extra
cont_free should be deleted as well. And you're right about returning without
free'ing all the instances. I'm working on a patch for 2.1, not sure if 2.0
will be patched or not.

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> Subject: Index corruption and crash in back-ldbm (ITS#2348)
> Full_Name: Villy Kruse
> Version: 2.0.27
> OS: RH6.2 linux
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> Submission from: (NULL) (
> There seems still to be a problem wiht back-ldbm where the index is
> corrupted after heavy insert and delete activity.  The bug is very
> hard to reproduce, but when the index has been corrupted, running
> slapindex repeatedly will also cause a index corruption every time.
> This depends on the sequence the keys are added to the various index
> dbm files.  The problem occurs when a inserting an item in the middle
> of a full block and the last item is deleted from the current block to
> make room and inserted into the next block.
> I have made a patch which contains some more details of the
> bug and how I
> tried to fix it.
> Villy