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Build problem (maybe)

Hi there


I am a new user to openldap so forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree. I am running openldap 2.1.12 on windows 2000. I have built + installed the server okay and it is working and I am now trying to use the back-sql module in conjunction with mysql. Initially I was getting the problem ‘unknown database type sql’. I assumed therefore that I had to rebuild enabling the back-sql module.


I have altered the workspace to reference back-sql and made the relevant alterations to project dependencies and uncommented the definition in setup files / portable.nt which appears to relate to SQL. (#define SLAPD_SQL 1)


I am now trying to compile and there appears to be an actual c compile error in the code.


The following is the output from visual studio.



C:\development\openldap-2.1.12\servers\slapd\back-sql\entry-id.c(419) : error C2115: 'initializing' : incompatible types

C:\development\openldap-2.1.12\servers\slapd\back-sql\entry-id.c(419) : error C2078: too many initializers


I have looked at the file but unfortunately I am not a C++ developer (java for my sins) so I can’t try and fix the problem myself (if problem it is)




Rob Tice