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RE: cldap:// on multi-homed machines does correctly set from address (ITS#2326)

You're right, I don't consider this an OpenLDAP bug. If anything, it's a
feature of your OS kernel. In my tests with a UDP listener bound to
INADDR_ANY, the reply packets are all sent from the IP address of the
interface that received the query.

In your case, if a client tries to contact a server at, the server's reply will come from

The obvious solution is to use explicit listener addresses with multiple -h
arguments as you have done. Making a change as you suggest would be
counterintuitive since we don't treat TCP sockets this way. I.e., if you
don't care about the listener address, use ldap://. If you *do* care, list
the listener addresses explicitly - ldap://address1 ldap://address2 etc...

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> You may or may not consider this a bug: on a multi-homed
> machine serving CLDAP
> clients on multiple interfaces, I needed to enumerate
> listeners for each
> interface (eg. slapd -h "cldap://
> cldap://";) in order
> that the local address of outgoing UDP packets contained the
> correct interface
> address. Otherwise, the CLDAP client (not OpenLDAP) would ignore them.
> It would be nice if this was the behaviour even if the
> interfaces were not
> enumerated (eg. slapd -h "cldap://";). It shouldn't be hard to fix (?).