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RE: Administrator's Guide needs sasl-host sasl-realm (ITS#2313)

Perhaps you could be more specific about which SASL mechanisms you've used
that require this extra configuration. I routinely use GSSAPI and DIGEST-MD5
and have never needed to specify sasl-host or sasl-realm in slapd.conf. I
also use EXTERNAL with TLS which, of course, does not require any additional

In my experience, the default value of sasl-realm is correct and sasl-host is
irrelevant. If your experience differs, I believe the problem lies in your
SASL installation. And while we may view the Admin Guide as a primer to
setting up OpenLDAP, it is not appropriate to turn it into a primer on how to
set up and configure SASL. There are other resources for that.

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> > The point is that sasl-host and sasl-realm are required for
> strong=20
> > authentication and this warrants their mentioning in the
> Admin Guide.  At=
> =20
> > least for me, setting these options changed my installation
> from not work=
> ing=20
> > to working and resolved two days of hassle.
> Same here wrt fighting with things to get SASL to work.  No idea why,
> but setting sasl-realm primairly seems to be necessary for things to
> work as I expect.  Of course, I'm still fighting the All-whitespace
> username game with SASL and the ldap clients atm.
> 	Stephen
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