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Re: Administrator's Guide needs sasl-host sasl-realm (ITS#2313)

On Friday 14 February 2003 17:30, Howard Chu wrote:
> Usually these values don't need to be set because the SASL library gets
> usable defaults. All of the SASL directives are documented in slapd.conf(5)
> already. As such, these options don't seem to be worth mentioning in the
> Admin Guide. If you think otherwise, please give some more context.


I find, and i hope you agree, that the Admin Guide is used best as a primer 
for new users whereas the man pages are best used as a reference for 
experienced users.  And even though SASL is an advanced topic, it's still a 
new topic to everyone the first time they use it.

The point is that sasl-host and sasl-realm are required for strong 
authentication and this warrants their mentioning in the Admin Guide.  At 
least for me, setting these options changed my installation from not working 
to working and resolved two days of hassle.


PS: I don't expect a response.