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Re: ldappasswd hangs (server deadlock) (ITS#2122)

Hi Kurt

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> This problem may be related to that reported in ITS#2195.

yes it seem so, but it is not yet fixed (see below)

> As a fix for ITS#2195 (as well as other fixes) have been
> applied to the HEAD branch, you should re-test against HEAD.

I check the situation with the HEAD. Unfortunately it does not
solve the problem. The behaviour is the same. First I thought
it could be related to the fact, that the bdb backend does not
(yer or anymore) support multiple suffixes. But after changing
the configuration I had the same old problem.

But as I read the description of the ITS#2195 I remembered that
there the bug only showed up when the command was called as the
first one after server startup. So I started to experimenting in
this direction - et voila.

If I start the server and call 1) as the first command, the server
hangs. If I kill then the server (only 'kill -9' helps) I cannot
restart the server. It hangs already during startup. (=>remove DB)

If I start the server and call 2) then 1) I get the same result.

If I start the server and call 3) then 1) everything works as expected!

1) ldappasswd -x -W -S -D 'cn=super...' 'cn=ins...'

2) ldapsearch -x -s base -b ''

3) ldapsearch -x -W -D 'cn=super...' -s base -b ''

Hope this helps.

best regards


> Thanks, Kurt