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Re: searching for the same object twice using the meta backend returns "no such object" on the second search (ITS#2310)


Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Let me clarify: you're running:
> server (a):
>   1 slapd bound to ldap:/// with back-meta having
>     uri ldapi:///dc=suffix
>     uri ldap://b/dc=sub,dc=suffix
>   1 slapd bound to ldapi:/// with a regular database
>   and suffix dc=suffix
> server (b):
>   1 slapd bound to ldap:/// with a regular database
>   and suffix dc=sub,dc=suffix
> when either the second slapd on server (a) or
> the slapd on server (b) go down, the slapd with
> back-meta core dumps, right?

I didn't try to stop second slapd on (a)
But when I stop slapd on (b) slapd-meta on (a) core dumps
on first search involving dc=sub,dc=suffix
if I try to search, say, ou=something,dc=suffix against slapd-meta
it will handle such request even if slapd on (b) is down.
also, stopping and then immediately starting slapd on (b)
doesn't harm anything if no searches destined to it
performed on slapd-meta between stop and start slpad (b)
(altough I noticed persistent connections between slapd-meta
and targets, it reestabilishes them well if server available).

> Moreover, there's a scope problem when searching
> with base dc=sub,dc=suffix
> I'll look at it.
> p.

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