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Re: slapd threads on master pegs multiple CPU Sun running Solaris 8 (ITS#2302)

The version of Berkeley DB I'm using is 4.1.25 and I'm using openssl 0.9.7.
I do not use kerberos or sasl.

During testing, I have noticed that the threads that support the broken
client connections continue running until completion.  This normally doesn't
pose a problem unless they are large searches.  Typically, it's human error
... an administrator using ldapsearch and control-C at the same time doesn't
seem to blend very well.  We have internal processes to deal with these
issues, but I would certainly like to see slapd behave differently in these

I don't necessarily noticed a big overhead for frequent transaction begin
and commit statements.  We use fairly large systems and our id2entry
database has over 3.4 million entries.  We've had indexing and recover
problems using backends such as LDBM and BDB has been great in this respect.
Even during the occasional crash, databases and indexes stay intact and very
little data is lost using db_recover with BDB.  My $.02 ..


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> I think we should restart discussing on the transaction-protected
> The overhead of transactional searches does not seem to be prohibitively
> significant.
> (I remember around 10% when I experimented with it.)
> One concern is the semantics of the aborted LDAP search.
> 1. abort the whole search ?
>     In this case, it would be the client's responsibility to resend the
> search request.
> 2. abort a single db->get() of the candidate loop ?
>    We should have one transaction per loop iteration.
>    The overhead of frequent transaction begin and commit has to be
> measured.
> - Jong
> BTW, Joseph, what is the version number of BerkeleyDB ? Is it 3.x ?
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