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Re: ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed (ITS#2270)

I have tested without kerberos and sasl compiled in and the problem remains.
It appears to  be a problem with replication because the master never
crashes at all .. only the replicas.  When the master isn't replicating, I
don't get the same malloc failures ... although, I'm still trying to track
it down.  How do I provide a stack back trace from the core dump?

I'm using the GNU linker when assembling, but I'm also using Solaris crle
and dynamic libraries.  I found this article and applied this patch with no

I've also identified the following Solaris patch but haven't applied it yet.
2=malloc%20failed  It looks promising.

Also, this is a multiprocessor 64bit system but I compiled and linked the
binaries with 32bit libraries.   I have a hunch this may be a long integer
problem or something.  What I find strange is that it is literally always
the same message but it affects different threads, of course.

slapd[237]: [ID 703374 local4.debug] ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

Exactly 8 megabytes, every time.  Although, I can't seem to find out how to
reproduce it, yet.  I'm considering using dmalloc or something similar when
I compile to see if I can catch the malloc failure ... I'm in the process of
setting up a dedicated test environment just to solve this problem.

Thanks again for your help,


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> Please provide a stack back trace from the core dump.
> Also, please test without MIT krb loaded as MIT krb is not thread-safe
> (use Heimdal instead).