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bug in meta backend

Hello all,
I believe I have stumbled across a bug in the meta backend of openldap. When searching for the same object twice while bound either anonymously or with credentials the second search always returns "ldap_search: No such object". This is specific to the meta backend as the regular ldap backend doesn't display this problem.

Using 2 command line ldapsearch in sequence is fine: bind->search->unbind->bind->search->unbind:

ldapsearch -h localhost -s base -b "ou=ca2,o=test org,c=ca" objectclass=* ; ldapsearch -h localhost -s base -b "ou=ca2,o=test org,c=ca" objectclass=*

But using ldapsearch with the "-r 2" option returns the proper info for the first search but "no such object" for the second search: bind->search->search->unbind:

ldapsearch -r 2 -h localhost -s base -b "ou=ca2,o=test org,c=ca" objectclass=*

I got the same result using the stock Solaris 2.8 ldapsearch which doesn't have the "-r" option but does have a "-f" option which allows input from a file for multiple searches. I built openldap 2.1.12 on Solaris 2.8 and I have tried it on a couple of different systems.

I am aware that binding and searching for the exact same thing twice is a silly and inefficient thing to do but I have no control over the client code that is exhibiting this behavior. The meta function of openldap is a perfect solution to a problem that a vendor won't deal with but this little bug prevents it from working completely.

Please advise if I should add this bug to the Issue Tracking System on www.openldap.com.

thanks in advance, Tony Bates 2Keys Corporation tbates@2keys.ca