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Re: slapd chokes on PROTOS test suite (2) (ITS#2280)

You changes to liblber/decode.c seems to have fixed the problem. I just ran
the complete test suite again. And it works for me now.

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 12:56:56AM +0000, hyc@highlandsun.com wrote:
> Assuming I'm looking at the correct PROTOS data file, the PDU in question is
> actually improperly formatted, so the decoder shouldn't even be bothering
> with the tens of thousands of elements. I believe I have a fix for this, it
> will be in HEAD in a few hours. At the moment I'm feeding the rest of the
> PROTOS ber test files to slapd to see how it fares, and it's only trying 1
> per second.