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Re: (ITS#2252)

Please test 2.1.12 (or .11).  It contains a change which likely
resolves this problem.


At 03:28 PM 1/2/2003, nkiesel@tbdnetworks.com wrote:
>One further comment: though this node does not contain a ref, it's an
>instance of extensibleObject (and all my problems were with instances of
>extensibleObject). Another thing worth mentioning is that I got both
>error=32 and error=80 for this entry.
>Here is another log entry regarding this problem:
>Dec  8 20:14:29 rho slapd[7860]: [ID 748784 local4.debug]
>send_search_reference: null ref in
>Norbert Kiesel <nkiesel@tbdnetworks.com>
>TBD Networks