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Re: aci using domain= (ITS#2250)

At 08:06 AM 1/3/2003, curt@uwm.edu wrote:
>Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
>> This report will be closed as it asks a software use question.
>> Software use questions should be directed to the software list.
>What if it's a bug and doesn't work as documented?

Well, hopefully, someone will fix it.  However, you didn't
report a bug.  You asked software use questions.  If you
want answers to those questions, you should direct them
to the appropriate forum.

>Are you sure it works?

No, I don't the domain ACL feature regularly nor do I use 2.0.27
anymore (I prefer 2.1).  Are you sure it doesn't work as intended?
If so, then, by all means, report a bug.  But if you need to ask
software use questions before being sure, please take those to
the software list.