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Re: Duplicate Entry Control Patch (ITS#2113)

Your latest tarball appears to missing at least one file
as the following routines are missing:
  create_dupent_response, process_dupent_ctrl


At 11:47 AM 12/19/2002, jenarusa@us.ibm.com wrote:

>>I suggest you enable the paged result stuff (I think it's enabled
>>by default in current HEAD, the appropriate macro is in include/ldap.h)
>>This stuff creates a sort of chicken-and-egg problem with your stuff,
>>because the paging must stay in the backend to be able to resume from
>>the point where the last page stopped; however, if you dup an entry
>>after page-counting, you break the page counting.  I know it's shooting
>>in one's foot to use the two controls simultaneously; we might well
>>come out with refusing to accept them in the same request, but
>>I'd like you to consider the problem.  After all paging is standard
>>track, while dupent is still draft ...
>I've updated the patch to refuse the request if both paged-results and
>dupent controls are set. The main reason behind this move is that the
>current draft ID for the dupent control does not specify how this control
>should work with any other controls. More specifically, the impact that
>Pierangelo stated above. The updated file is located at