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Re: UTF8bvnormalize bug on 64bit Solaris 8 (ITS#2198)

Miroslav Zubcic <hac+lists.openldap.bugs@hac.hr> writes:

> miroslav.zubcic@zesoi.fer.hr writes:
> [...]
>> UTF8bvnormalize+0x244


> Just for the information: I have compiled OL 2.1.9 on that Ultrasparc
> enterprise machine and I cannot reproduce this bug with 2.1.9, just
> with 2.1.8. Utf encoded strings in cn attribute are indexed OK and
> server is running.

Bug is here again with 2.1.10, but this time I know where it is.

Just to repeat about my bug environment:

gcc 3.2, Sun's ccs/ld, 64bit compilation, SunOS 5.8 linked with sasl2
and MIT kerberos libs.

slapindex(8) and slapd(8) are crashing with sigsegv when I maintain
indexes for `cn' and `sn' attributes (which have UTF-8 national
characters in it). Trace is not very much helpful (see my first mail).

Let's summarize:

In 2.1.10 if I *remove* /opt/local/share/ucdata and then put ucdata .dat
files from *2.1.9* - everything works fine and there is no signal 11.

Here is trace obtained with Solaris 8 mdb(1) when OL is compiled with `-g'.

(root){lav}[tmp]# mdb core
Loading modules: [ ]
> ::stack
uckdecomp+0x10c(6565002e85a0, 69, 6563fffffff0, ffffffff7dc49b90, 1008b6020, 0)
uccanoncompatdecomp+0xcc(1008b6030, 2, ffffffff7fffec20, ffffffff7fffec58, 1, 0)
uccompatdecomp+0x30(1008b6030, 2, ffffffff7fffec20, ffffffff7fffec58, 0, 14c3e0)
UTF8bvnormalize+0x770(1003a09c0, ffffffff7fffed30, 1, ffffffff7fffed30, 0, ffffffff7fffed81)
caseExactIgnoreIndexer+0x170(a3, 71e, 10029bfc0, 10029fdf0, 1002b1df8, 1003a09c0)
indexer+0x288(1002aeba0, 1002b0d90, 1002b1df8, 1003a09c0, 5dc, 1)
index_at_values+0xc0(1002aeba0, 1002b1d90, 1003857e0, 1003a09c0, 5dc, 1)
index_values+0x40(1002aeba0, 1003857c0, 1003a09c0, 5dc, 1, ffffffff7ffff101)
index_entry+0x288(1002aeba0, 1, 1008b4570, 1003a0ae0, 200, 0)
ldbm_tool_entry_reindex+0x348(1002aeba0, 5dc, 10008b410, ffffffff7ffff3a8, 0, 0)
main+0x33c(2, ffffffff7ffff3a8, ffffffff7ffff3c0, 100292f60, 100000000, 0)
_start+0x7c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

As I said, if I put ucdata .dat files from 2.1.9 OL 2.1.10 will work
OK - both slapindex(8), slapadd(8) and slapd(8).

Hope this helps.

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