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Re: Duplicate Entry Control Patch (ITS#2113)


>I suggest you enable the paged result stuff (I think it's enabled
>by default in current HEAD, the appropriate macro is in include/ldap.h)
>This stuff creates a sort of chicken-and-egg problem with your stuff,
>because the paging must stay in the backend to be able to resume from
>the point where the last page stopped; however, if you dup an entry
>after page-counting, you break the page counting.  I know it's shooting
>in one's foot to use the two controls simultaneously; we might well
>come out with refusing to accept them in the same request, but
>I'd like you to consider the problem.  After all paging is standard
>track, while dupent is still draft ...

I've updated the patch to refuse the request if both paged-results and
dupent controls are set. The main reason behind this move is that the
current draft ID for the dupent control does not specify how this control
should work with any other controls. More specifically, the impact that
Pierangelo stated above. The updated file is located at