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Re: crasher in SASL authorization code (ITS#2234)

Somehow valgrind was only picking up the (stripped)
installed binary.

Here is the backtrace:

==31476== Thread 3:
==31476== Invalid free() / delete / delete[]
==31476==    at 0x40048709: free (vg_clientfuncs.c:180)
==31476==    by 0x402EBC9D: _sasl_conn_dispose (common.c:467)
==31476==    by 0x402EFD24: server_dispose (server.c:236)
==31476==    by 0x402EBC33: sasl_dispose (common.c:456)
==31476==    by 0x8090838: slap_sasl_close (sasl.c:1269)
==31476==    by 0x8052509: connection_destroy (connection.c:656)
==31476==    by 0x8052A1C: connection_close (connection.c:787)
==31476==    by 0x8054218: connection_resched (connection.c:1532)
==31476==    by 0x80531F4: connection_operation (connection.c:1061)
==31476==    by 0x80AEB8C: ldap_int_thread_pool_wrapper (tpool.c:433)
==31476==    Address 0x4147C614 is 0 bytes inside a block of size 56 free'd
==31476==    at 0x40048709: free (vg_clientfuncs.c:180)
==31476==    by 0x806C0E5: ch_free (ch_malloc.c:124)
==31476==    by 0x808FCE0: slap_sasl_authorize (sasl.c:726)
==31476==    by 0x402F0E94: do_authorization (server.c:1017)
==31476==    by 0x402F1414: sasl_server_step (server.c:1268)
==31476==    by 0x402F12A2: sasl_server_start (server.c:1191)
==31476==    by 0x8090A12: slap_sasl_bind (sasl.c:1334)
==31476==    by 0x806D675: do_bind (bind.c:303)
==31476==    by 0x8052E9D: connection_operation (connection.c:919)
==31476==    by 0x80AEB8C: ldap_int_thread_pool_wrapper (tpool.c:433)

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