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Re: ITS#2182 IDL cache

I've looked through the patch and the patch looks fine. Thanks !

I appreciate if I can get the following information on the test run.

request type : search ? search-update mix ?
the number of entries in the directory
"idlcachesize" value set in slapd.conf
ballpark number of different search specs
the length of the test run
base dn (root or non-root ?)

It would be possible that the test run is too short for the IDL cache to be
warmed up
and it would also be possible that there's little locality of reference in
IDLs contained in the index databases and the dn2id database during the
test run.

- Jong

Jong Hyuk Choi
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"Howard Chu" <hyc@highlandsun.com>@OpenLDAP.org on 12/10/2002 02:39:45 PM

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Subject:    ITS#2182 IDL cache

I've committed a modified version of this patch. Unfortunately, my tests
this IDL cache enabled run a percent or two slower than with it disabled. I
may spend some more time with it but please review and let me know if
something obviously wrong in the patch.

  -- Howard Chu
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