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Re: Netscape SLAP -- IBM Contribution (ITS#2073)

Thanks, I will.

Steve Omrani
Senior Software Developer
Internet: somrani@us.ibm.com
Phone: 512-838-8375 (TL 678-8375)
Fax: 512-838-8597

                      Masarati                 To:       Steve Omrani/Austin/IBM@IBMUS                                                
                      <openldap-its@Ope        cc:                                                                                    
                      nLDAP.org>               Subject:  Re: Netscape SLAP -- IBM Contribution (ITS#2073)                             
                      12/07/2002 10:43                                                                                                

Applied to HEAD; need to re-run autoconf/autoheader

There are a number of issues open:
  - I tried to make it compile only if required, and
    make other things link also if disabled; I hope
    I succeeded, but please review
  - Apparently Steve coded the API as of version 4,
    while the latest one is 6.1; many functions
    have been deprecated, while others appeared
    with a better defined API; we should upgrade.
  - the API in many places  is outdated by recent
    slapd backend API changes; while sticking with
    the "official" API for compatibility, we could
    add an extended API with better functionality
    (I'm thinking of the extended use of bervals
    instead of strings and of berval arrays instead
    of berval pointer arrays and so.
  - I did the review under Linux (RedHat 7.1/7.3;
    gcc 2.96/3.2) so there might well be portability
    issues I'm not aware of.

Please review and test.