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Re: SLAPI (ITS#2073)


I am actually using gcc 2.91.66 on redhat 6.2.


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                                               Subject:  Re: SLAPI (ITS#2073)                                                         
                      12/01/2002 02:27                                                                                                
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> What kind of plugins are you trying to test? I have written several
> simple ones
> (cut and paste from manuls) for testing purpose (extended operation,
> preop bind, preop add, postop add,  postop delete, ...) they are working
> fine.

Yes, a simple test from Netscape's docs, with a few changes
because it used some slapi_*() funcs not present in the patch.

> If there are any unresolved symbols in libslapi.so, then the server will
> not come
> up. However, the loader will tell you what symboles it can not resolve.
> The ref. manual for Netscape plugin is:
> I do not have any problem stepping through the code with gdb.

I solved my problems by switching back to gcc 2.96 and by fixing
a couple of things in the code; now I want to go back to
gcc 3.2 to see if the problem was fixed by my last changes
or by the different compiler (note, though, that I compiled
everything, to my knowlegde, with gcc 3.2 and everything worked
fine until now).

I'll let you know in a while.

By the way, did you fix the libtool portability problem? I'd
like to see your changes before I commit anything.


Pierangelo Masarati