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SLAPI improvements (ITS#2073)


now that I'm able to test the patch, I'm going to commit
it as soon as we fix some small problems and add a few

Things like:
- libtool issues (as previously discussed: put libslapi in
  slapd and use -rdynamic where available, otherwise build
  a dynamic version of libslapi and let the modules load it);
- the possibility to set a path to search for when loading
  plugins; since in my commit SLPAI will use ltdl stuff,
  which is also used by dynamic modules, we might adapt the
  facilities provided for modules;
- the slapi error handling uses a mutex-protected file write;
  maybe we'd use syslog where available, and allow to set
  the file name/path, maybe on a plugin-basis, or simply
  use slapd's facilities.

Since the footprint of slapi on slapd's sources is quite
limited, we may delay further fixes, so that we get some
feedback from HEAD users.


Pierangelo Masarati