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Re: linker problems with 2.1.8 on IRIX 6.5 (ITS#2205)

At 09:21 AM 2002-11-26, china@thewrittenword.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Albert Chin-A-Young
>Version: 2.1.8
>OS: IRIX 6.5
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>The libtool -version-info string is defined in build/version.sh, currently
>2:108:0 for 2.1.8. When building under IRIX, the linker core dumps.

Suggest you report a bug to SGI (or the maintainer of whatever
linker you are using).  The linker shouldn't core dump.

>Changing "108" to a smaller number like "30" will work.
>I don't know what the limit is.

libtool supports up to 999.

>However, it seems you're not following the libtool instructions for specifying the version string.

Well, not to the letter.  But we're doing things in a manner
which "works" for most platforms.

>Are you using the 2:108:0 number to track the OpenLDAP
>version 2.1.8?


>So, 2.1.9 will correspond with "2:109:0"?

yes, but because the release will change in a manner which
requires the library version number to be bumped.  Later
patch releases, this may not be true.  For example,
just as 2.0.27's -lldap is 2:17:0...  2.1.27's -lldap
may be 2:123:0.