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ucgendat fails because -lber not linked in (ITS#2203)

Full_Name: Albert Chin-A-Young
Version: 2.1.8
OS: Solaris 2.5.1/SPARC
URL: ftp://ftp.thewrittenword.com/outgoing/pub/openldap-2.1.8-1.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (

On Solaris 2.5.1/SPARC, Tru64 UNIX 4.0D, and HP-UX 10.20, snprintf() is not
available. However, a substitute is available, ber_pvt_snprintf(). ucgendat
calls snprintf but doesn't link to -lber:
cc -mr -Qn -xO2 -xtarget=generic -o ucgendat ucgendat.o 
-L/opt/TWWfsw/tcpwrap/lib -L/opt/TWWfsw/libopenssl09/lib
-L/opt/TWWfsw/libsasl21/lib -L/opt/TWWfsw/libdb41/lib
../../libraries/liblutil/liblutil.a -lsocket -lnsl -ldl
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
ber_pvt_snprintf                    ucgendat.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to ucgendat

The following patch fixes this: