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Re: Duplicate Entry Control Patch (ITS#2113)


First of all, thanks for reviewing the patch. I will incorporate your patch
with the current HEAD code and re-submit soon.

>The patch looks fine; however its behavior has some quirks I'd like
>to investigate.
>- as appears from your search.out example, after returning duplicate
>entries for each value of the dupent attr, a final entry with the
>first value and all the other requested attrs is returned.  I didn't
>read draft-ietf-ldapext-ldapv3-dupent-08.txt too carefully; is it

I've just reviewed the search.out file and there seems to be an error. The
draft states that all duplicated entries should be sent as separate entries
with a DuplicateSearchResult control. However, in the search.out file,
"member:cn=Manager,o=University of Michigan,c=US" should not have been
included in the non-duplicated list, since it has been sent already as a
duplicated entry. I will fix that before re-submitting.